Neighbor Power Offerings

Offerings: speeches, workshops
and consultation


Jim's advice led us to alter both policy and practice in relation to community engagement. By introducing his matching grant concept, we facilitated the development of some extremely active community groups. — Marcelle Hoff, Former Deputy Mayor of Sydney

Jim's message and approach to engaging citizens and leaders, empowering neighborhoods and building community inspired not only me but my colleagues and fellow Edmontonians. His work and his support continue to guide us in creating a safe, connected and great city. — Kate Gunn, Director of Community Initiatives, City of Edmonton

The workshop was awe inspiring and encouraged much hope for our communities. I will remember it for many years to come. — Workshop participant

I have been to many workshops and thought that I had heard it all but came away with a lot of new ideas that could be done without any money being required. — Workshop participant

Jim is really easy to work with, and the workshop was totally tailored to our needs. It was a very mixed group in terms of experience and understanding and he bridged and brought these together very well. We had some incredibly rich conversations. — Workshop organizer